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Skysong Innovations

Demonstrating how Arizona State University’s tech transfer office is making broad societal impact.

Skysong Innovations (SI) is the tech transfer division for Arizona State University, responsible for facilitating IP licensing for technologies developed by ASU inventors. They approached us with three goals: (1) to demonstrate the success and impact of their program to third party decision-makers and influencers; (2) to boost their reputation as a leading tech transfer office; and (3) to increase the visibility of their inventions.

Our solution was to design and develop a ‘best-in-class’ website that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. We accomplished this through engaging animation, immersive design, and by highlighting SI’s remarkable accomplishments.

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Materials
  • Web Design
  • CMS Development
  • Third Party Integration
Recently FDA-cleared Medical Inventions impact story on Skysong Innovations website
Microscopic Robots and DNA Origami impact story on Skysong Innovations website
Skysong Innovations Economic Impact impact story in Arizona on Skysong Innovations website
Skysong Innovations Launces 120+ startups impact story in Arizona on Skysong Innovations website

Stories of Impact

We identified a need for SI to draw attention to high-value, relevant stories that would resonate with high-level leadership. Our solution was to feature long-form, visually rich, narrative articles front and center on the home page.

Technology Overview page on Skysong Innovations website
Technology Detail page on Skysong Innovations website for Mobile resolution

Technologies At Your Fingertips

A custom integration with Inteum, the leading IP management software, allows users to quickly search, sort, and filter the latest technologies from ASU inventors. Users can setup email alerts that are sent when new technologies that match their search parameters are released.

Launching ASU Discoveries page on Skysong Innovations website
Your Work Matters page on Skysong Innovations website
We Are Skysong Innovations page on Skysong Innovations website
Chart of Startups launched by Skysong Innovations from 2003

Bringing Startups into Focus

In 2017, SI surpassed 100 startups launched with their support, and that number continues to grow. The cumulative economic impact of these entities is projected to reach $1.16 billion by the end of 2022. We developed several features on the site that would bring greater attention to these startups, including an interactive map.

Map with location of all startups launched by Skysong Innovations

Intuitive Visual Editing

We custom configured Craft Content Management System for a powerful and intuitive editing experience. Editors have the ability to manage nearly every piece of content on the site, while maintaining visual consistency throughout.

Preview feature in Morae Global instance of Craft CMS

Keeping Metrics Current

A significant way to measure and prove impact is through hard metrics. Since many of these numbers change over time, such as total amount of venture capital invested and the number of startups launched from ASU, we provided a way for editors to update these numbers in one location within the CMS, and have them populated throughout the site, wherever they are referenced.

Connection between preview feature in Morae Global instance of Craft CMS and website
I've been pouring through sites and must note the Skysong Innovations website is, if not the best in the world, definitely in my top three.
—Jeff Benitz, Inteum

Working with the University of Chicago

Upon launching the Skysong Innovations website, Inteum recommended that the University of Chicago reach out to us to help integrate the technology publisher on their public site. We customized their implementation to allow for a seamless experience for site visitors, powered by Inteum’s technology publisher.

Tecnologies index on Polsky Website

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